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no matter how intense your sport or working day is

KINESUN premium compression socks give you more comfort and energy!




KINESUN socks have been engineered after long research and testings by a team of professional physiotherapists, premium Italian manufacturers and athletes from different sports. We created a range of socks with unique compression in the ankle and leg. 

The innovative elastic structure with high compression (30mmHg) in the ankle-arch area acts effectively on the ankle joints stimulating the proprioceptive system. This improves balance, gives more stability, posture and motion control. Ankle compression helps prevent sprains and speeds up post-traumatic ankle recovery. 

The graduated compression (20-30mmHg) in the leg of the long model stimulates the blood circulation, preventing injuries and muscle strain. This compression helps faster recovery. 

KINESUN socks are made from Silver DryStat®, a proprietary polypropylene material with silver ions infused directly into the core of the fiber. The silver ions inhibit the growth of bacteria and mold, reducing odors, while the polypropylene wicks away moisture to keep your feet dry regardless of your activity level or the outdoor conditions. 

The socks have medium or high density cushioning depending on the model. Select your sport for the perfect match.

Teo Zapata

Padel player

'Together with my partner Nacho Gadea and KINESUN socks we won the international Padel event PADEL KINGS OPEN in Hoorn this summer.  The socks give extremely good compression around the ankle and make you feel even more in balance on the court.'

Jorrit Notenboom

Padel player

'Since I wear KINESUN compression socks, my legs recover faster after a tough training. And besides that, it feels like you are walking on clouds when wearing the socks. The socks are really comfortable.'

Jinte de Boer

Tennis Player

'The socks are really really great. Previously I played tennis in regular socks and then my feet started to hurt especially when I haven't played for a while. When I play on KINESUN socks I don't have any problems with my feet. I am wearing the white socks but excited to try the black version as well.'

Moos Sporken

Padel player

'I am Moos Sporken currently number 5 in the Netherlands! I wear KINESUN socks because my calf is always under tension. When wearing the long socks with the compression I can play freely and keep my calf out of injury danger'.

Nacho Gadea

Padel player

'This summer was the first time playing in Holland at the tournament Padel Kings Open in Hoorn. KINESUN sponsored the event so I got the opportunity to try the sock. Really happy we won the finals and became instant fan.'

Arantxa Soriana Pérez

Padel player

'I never played with compression socks. Wearing KINESUN socks was an amazing experience. It gives great support and the extra cushioning is great to absorb the intense pressure on my feet.'

Angela Carocantin

Padel Player

'I love the KINESUN socks!!! The compression and the material gives extremely support during the match. I tried them the whole tournament Padel Kings Open and think the socks are just great.'


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