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Why ankle compression?

The innovative elastic structure with high compression (30mmHg) in the ankle-arch area acts effectively on the ankle joints, stimulating the proprioceptive system. This improves balance, gives more stability, posture and motion control.

Ankle compression helps prevent sprains and speeds up post-traumatic ankle recovery.

Why compression in the leg?

The graduated compression (20-30mmHg) in the leg stimulates the blood circulation, preventing injuries and muscle strain. This compression helps faster recovery.

Which materials are used for the socks?

KINESUN socks are made from Silver DryStat®, a proprietary polypropylene material with silver ions infused directly into the core of the fiber.

The silver ions inhibit the growth of bacteria and mold, reducing odors, while the polypropylene wicks away moisture to keep your feet dry regardless of your activity level or the outdoor conditions.

Why are the socks unisex?

Basically, the construction of the KINESUN socks and the effect of the compression are the same for women and men.

If the fit is right, both can wear the same socks.

How do I put on the compression socks?

the socks are marked r (right) or l(left) at the bottom

pull the legpart of the sock inside out

leave the bottom part of the sock turned in 
creating a pocket for your foot

slip your foot into the pocket up to the heel

pull up the leg part

the sock should stop just below your knee

smooth out any wrinkles

Can I wear the socks all day?

Yes you can wear the socks at any time :)

If you wear KINESUN socks during the day, we recommend not wearing the socks in bed at night.

How should I wash my socks?

KINESUN socks are made with special yarns which are wear-resistant and do not deform after multiple washings.

To ensure many happy years of use, we suggest to wash the socks inside out at 30°C and line dry. Do not tumble dry, no bleaching.

What about sustainability?

At KINESUN we create high quality durable products. Our designs are timeless so our customers can wear the socks for many years.

Our socks are produced in Italy using local materials. European production safeguards a good working environment and fair wages.

We work with small family owned factories that have a very long tradition in producing socks. This craftsmanship ensures a high quality level of production resulting in minimum waste.

Nearby production results in limited environmental impact of transport.


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