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Cas Wolbert

Owner of BijCas

Cas is physiotherapist and has 15 years of experience in ultrasound. He started his practice in 2011 and built up a lot of experience in ultrasound diagnostics, complex musculoskeletal problems, osteoarthritis and chronic tendon disorders.

In addition to his work as a physiotherapist, Cas is also chairman of Shockwave Association Impuls NVMST. His greatest sporting achievement to date is Dutch hockey champion, European Cup 1 and 2 winner. His sporting goal is to participate in the Bike Transalp.

Cas works with a team of experienced physiotherapists. Most of them have a professional sports background. As a team they are always looking for innovative solutions to better help their patients. In the perfect world, the solution should be easier than the existing solution available in the market.

All physiotherapists regularly tape a heel with medical tape. With the right technique, the tape provides just enough compression to relieve a heel complaint so that patients can walk and practice light impact sports like walking or playing golf. bijCAS has numerous patients that visit the practice every week to tape their heels. For the patients this is an uncomfortable, time- and money consuming treatment. The idea was born to create a sock with a tape knitted as part of the design to give high compression around the ankle. This way it would relieve the heel when wearing the compression socks, give strong stability to the ankle and prevent or recover from ankle injuries.

Cas did some research in the market and found out that most of the compression socks have no compression around the ankle. Finally he came in contact with KINESUN, an innovative start-up focused on compression technology. The team of KINESUN was already working with an Italian manufacturer on a solution to combine the well-known compression on the calves with compression around the ankle. This high compression on the ankle which gives patients extra stability matches perfectly with the idea of Cas. 

In the last months Cas and the team of KINESUN worked together and tested the socks on many patients to optimize the product. The final approved products are experienced as being very comfortable and pleasant to wear in several activities. The effect works well when practicing sports, during walking or in the recovery of ankle injuries.


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